SBS Trucking
is a well-established road freight transport and courier company, located just outside Windhoek in Namibia. The business transports a variety of general cargo and goods between South Africa and Namibia, and also offers a dedicated overnight road freight courier service between Windhoek and the central and northern coast of Namibia.

SBS Trucking started out in 2003 as a home based transport business with one medium sized truck, transporting mostly finished upholstery leather goods for Nakara from Windhoek to Cape Town and collecting industrial chemicals used by Nakara and other Namibian tanneries.

From its humble beginnings, SBS Trucking experienced rapid growth. Within a couple of years the company opened a depot in Cape Town to accommodate the efficient handling of the increased loads on the Windhoek – Cape Town route. Soon SBS Trucking expanded its transport services to include the Windhoek – Johannesburg route. The opening of a depot in Johannesburg followed shortly to cater for an ever increasing demand for transport and freight services.

In June 2015 SBS Trucking expanded its services into the courier market and established an overnight road freight service between Windhoek and the central and northern coastal towns of Namibia. A depot was also opened in Swakopmund to ensure the smooth operation of this service.

In order to handle the increase in transport and courier services SBS Trucking also had to gradually increase its number of trucks and vehicles. Currently the SBS fleet consists of eleven 34-ton trucks (interlinks) and various smaller delivery trucks and pick-ups.

Why SBS Trucking?

  • We run flat decks, taut liners and containers from Cape Town and Johannesburg to most destinations in Namibia.
  • We have a dedicated fleet of LDV’s and delivery vehicles for smaller parcels to all destinations in Namibia.
  • We do part loads and break bulk.
  • We do all Customs Clearing and can Handle RIB (Removal in Bond) cargo through our partners.
  • We offer a sliding scale (The more cargo, the less you pay).
  • Information on delivery (IOD’s) is conveniently available.
  • Vehicles are fully equipped with satellite tracking devices for real time tracking.
  • Drivers and vehicles are 100% HAZCHEM compliant.
  • Well maintained fleet, trained drivers and friendly administrative staff ensure efficient service.
  • Well organized claims procedures to ensure Goods in transit and third party claims are handled in the most effective manner to minimize disruptions in our customer’s schedules.

Our most important key to maintaining and developing successful business relationships and operations is the ability to consistently deliver high quality transport services at affordable prices. And with the persistent rise in fuel prices, management continually develop and implement cost effective and efficient strategies to keep increases in our pricing to an absolute minimum.

Through passion and commitment we have been able to continually exceed customer expectations and deliver professional and quality transport services. With a highly experienced and motivated team, we have truly met our customers’ needs.

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can be of service to you.


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What's New

There's a New Courier in town

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We now offer an overnight road freight service between Windhoek and the Namibian coast!


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